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Hey y’all, we’ve been pretty quiet on social media for the better part of this year, and have gotten quite a few messages and e-mails asking when the next show/tour/album is happening, as well as about the state of the band in general.

We had to cancel a series of shows back in April due to work and other obligations, and that decision was a catalyst for a lot of conversations and changes in how we view the band. Since then we’ve been reexamining our priorities, talking among ourselves about what it means to play in a rock band, how to interact with the current industry and culture, and how to reconcile those things with our personal lives.

As we’re getting older, starting families, and being led to new avenues of ministry and art, each of us is finding less and less time and energy to set aside for the music and ministry of Attalus. As difficult as it is for me to put certain songs, albums, and conversations on the back-burner, it’s becoming more and more apparent that now is not the time for those. To everything there is a season. We strongly believe that God is not done using this music for His glory, and that He still has things to say through Attalus as a band and as a concept.